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Wood-Based Product Manufacturer In China

Shanghai Sindo Panel Company Ltd., located in the biggest city of China, Shanghai, is a manufacturer and exporter of various kind of wood products from China. Founded in 2002, we offer a wide variety of wood products including plywood, film faced plywood, Plain MDF, Hardboard, and different kinds of fancy items, like Melamine/paper/veneer/polyster faced items. With over fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing and exporting of wood products, we have created our own trademark and brand, "Sindoply", "Sindoplex",” Falconply", Swan", and "Spark". Which are famous and well accepted by the clients all over the world. We also can offer OEM service. Our major market include Mid east area ( Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain), African countries ( Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Sudan), Europe ( Germany, France, Romania, Georgia), North America ( USA, Canada, Mexico), South America ( Chile, Peru), Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries.

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    1. Plain Plywood Sheet Poplar core plywood sheet, as the name suggests, uses poplar as the plywood core. China is rich in poplar reserves, so the poplar core wood sheet is quite cost effective, can fulfill the basic need of architecture.
    1. Commercial Plywood
    2. Commercial Plywood Sindo is a professional wood product manufacturer in China. We manufacture three types of film faced plywood, namely Brown Film Faced Plywood, Black Film Faced Plywood and Imprinted Film Faced Plywood ...
    1. Plain MDF
    2. Plain MDF MDF board, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product. It is produced to high technical specifications, with a fine and smooth surface ...
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The boards will be inspected piece by piece not only before packing, but also during the whole production. Only through this can we find the problem in time and make sure a good quality. ...
All of our packages are seaworthy packing, No unacceptable packaging materials or bamboo products are used as packaging. Even if customer request to use solid timber in package, such as crates bracket, all solid timber will be ISPM 15 treated and marked wood packaging. ...