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Embossed Hardboard

Embossed Hardboard
Embossed Hardboard
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Sindo embossed hardboard is available in a variety of different patterns, such as bamboo, cloud, thick wood grain, and Rome style etc. We can also manufacture it according to designs given by customers. The surface of our hardboard is veneered and there is a wide selection of typical wood veneers.
This type of hardboard is suitable for making various shop fittings, partitioning walls, furniture items and many other home accessories.

Specifications for Embossed Hardboard
1. Base panel: please check item "plain hardboard"
2. Designs: bamboo, Rome style, cloud, thick wood grain, thin wood grain, large gravel, small gravel, HuiZi shape, Elephant skin, cloth, etc. New designs can also be made.

Sindo is an embossed hardboard manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in the manufacture of film faced plywood, medium density fireboard (MDF), high density fiberboard (HDF), hardboard, blockboard, and more. Over 10 years of experience has earned us the reputation of a reliable company that produces good quality products. As a result, our wood-based products are well received in many countries, such as the USA, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, among other countries. Additionally, our location in Shanghai gives us easy access to both air and water transportation, which lower the transportation costs incurred by the customers.

We welcome you to contact us for any of your wood product needs.

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